T1 Tier 1

First Tier MEMBERS typically comprise of any industry partners that are fully legally compliant and are therefore able to fulfil the SAEWA Code of Conduct. First tier MEMBERS are service providers offering the collection, transport, disposal, treatment, repair, refurbishment or recycling of any type and any volume of e-waste and work together as an Alliance and in a value preserving and cost optimising “one-stop-shop format.

T2 Tier 2

Second Tier partners play a supportive and advisory role for the SAEWA MEMBERS and AFFILIATES with a view to help growing the net of service providers that can offer legally compliant take-back and treatment solutions of all WEEE.  Examples of such partners include but are not limited to: suppliers, retailers and OEM manufacturers. Those are typically concerned fulfilling collection, take-back and recycling obligations linked to the products they supply and as part of an Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) system.

T3 Tier 3

Third tier partners have a free membership to the SAEWA as they are typically tertiary educational institutions or not -for -profit organizations (NPOs, CBOs). As such e-waste management is clearly not their core business but rather provides a limited value adding opportunity e.g. using e-waste to make jewellery items.

T0 Tier 0

Also called the “Incubation Tier” this affiliation option to the SAEWA was developed to serve entrepreneurs and start-up businesses in e-waste. Affiliates must be committed to continous improvement of their current operational and technical standards with a view to reach legal compliance eventually.  The SAEWA and its MEMBERS are committed to provide mentorship and skills transfer if and where required to the AFFILIATES.  Due diligence assessments are also offered at greatly reduced costs by an independent third party licencing and compliance consulting expert.